[FINDBiometrics]UNIONCOMMUNITY Unveils New Access Control Terminal with Thermal Scanners

2020-06-10 17:32
The temperature detection trend continues with the release of a new terminal that blends facial recognition with thermal imaging cameras. The latest offering comes from South Korea’s UNIONCOMMUNITY, and it leverages the company’s UBio-X Pro2 facial recognition system.

UNIONCOMMUNITY Unveils New Access Control Terminal with Thermal Scanners

The new device is designed primarily for access control, and can be deployed to monitor temperatures in buildings with high traffic. The system can take someone’s temperature from multiple angles at a distance of two meters, and is accurate to within 0.5 degrees.

Users can register their faces in advance with a selfie or another photo, while the account itself will be linked to their mobile phone number. To ensure people’s privacy, those photos will be deleted once a face template has been created. The system will then create an access log that marks the time and a person’s temperature when they enter the facility.

In that regard, the UNIONCOMMUNITY terminal is similar to other recent products that have utilized temperature detection to monitor the spread of COVID-19. Fever is a common symptom of the disease, so such systems can help detect someone who may be infected.

“We have launched a thermal detection solution that can effectively respond to COVID-19 crises,” said UNIONCOMMUNITY CEO Shin Yo-Sik. “The new products can be easily used at sports facilities, educational institutions, school meal facilities, welfare facilities, exhibitions and seminars that bring together many people.”

Dozens of companies have introduced thermal screening solutions since the onset of COVID-19. In the past few weeks alone, TelpoHytera, and Pyramid Computer have all released devices that combine thermal screening with facial recognition.

UNIONCOMMUNITY itself recently released a new iris scanner that is accurate at 50cm. The company accelerated the development of the UBio-X Iris in an effort to meet the rising demand for contactless biometric solutions during the pandemic.

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