VIRDI End of Life Product Notice.

virditech admin
2017-06-19 14:19
VIRDI informing our customers that due to a supplier issue for our main CPU the following products will be discontinued from the Virdi product line.

· AC1000 all models

· AC2100 all models

· AC4000 all models

The above mentioned Virdi product models have been in our line for over 8 years now and with changes in technology and trends we also think this is a good opportunity to introduce new products into our line, still giving you a competitive advantage.

Our intent is to support these products for a limited time in order for our customers to prepare and allow future planning. We are requesting our customers to provide us forecasting now (maintenance and service included) so we may prepare for purchasing until last manufacturing in 2017.01.

We will have suitable replacement models available for our customers.

· AC1100 – (Will be replacement for AC1000 with BLE, Camera) 2016.09
· AC2100Plus (AC2200 – Will be replacement for AC2100, no BLE, no Camera). 2017.01
· AC2000 (Entry Level – fingerprint/card, No LCD) 2017.01
· AC5000Plus (will be replacement for AC4000, with BLE and Camera). 2017.01