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ViRDI AC 3000
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The 1st Slim Design Fingerprint Recognition Access Controller
The hot fingerprint recognition access controller of 2006
which is the concentration of Union Community’s fingerprint
recognition technology
  • It is convenient to use as it does not require users to carry special tools for
    verification. It is a high-tech fingerprint recognition system that uses
    fingerprints that have no risk of replication or unauthorized use.
  • Can be attached onto fingerprint recognition terminal for double or triple
    security or to use with unclear fingerprints
  • >TCP/IP network method that allows endless expansion between terminals and servers or terminals and terminals. Easy to install and operate.
  • Union Community's fingerprint recognition algorithm authenticates dry or wet
    fingerprints fast and accurately for various users.
  • VIRDI Series is equipped with high-capacity 32bit CPU for faster and more
    accurate verification.
  • With the minimum of 4MByte (approx. 3,600 users) and maximum of 8MByte
    (approx. 8,300 users), many users can be registered.
  • Automatically recognizes fingerprints when fingerprints are presented.
  • Can be applied to government offices, companies, and financial institutions to build access control, Time and Attendance management, and Cafe management systems.
  • Supports complex authentication using fingerprints, RF Card, and/or ID/Password for greater safety.
  • When device is damaged or opened by forceful impact, the terminal senses that the door is kept open and alarms to maintain safety.
  • Device setup can be adjusted for access control, Time and Attendance management, and Cafe management without additional equipments.
  • Device operation and status is announced by automated voice system for first-time users to easily operate the device.
  • Supports Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish and can be used in any part of the world.
  • Using LCD with Back Light feature, it can be operated easily and accurately.
Items VIRDI 3000
Template Capacity 3,000
Event Log Data 6,000
Template Size 400 bytes per template
LCD Display 122 × 32 graphic display LCD
Communications TCP/IP, 2 RS-232C, 2 Wiegand, 1 RS-485
Door Phone Interface Yes
Lock Control 2 ports control motor lock
or 1 port control EM/Strike/Deadbolt lock
Power Consumption Max DC 12V ~ 24V / 450mA
Operation Environment -20 ~ 50°C / Lower than 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Sensor Type Optical
Sensing Area 13 × 15 mm
Resolution 500 dpi
Verification (1:1) Time < 0.5 sec
Identification (1:N) Time < 1 sec
FRR / FAR 0.1% / 0.0001%
Available S/W Access control, Time & Attendance
Dimension 137mm(W)x137mm(H)x48mm(D)